Grind House, The Biggest Give and Take of Any Double Feature

Many of you know Quentin Tarantino for his wonderfully creative and graphic movies such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Inglorious Bastards, all of which I would say are amazing films that truly entice and please the appetite of so many for gore, violence, and imaginative story-telling. But did you know that Tarantino could make a movie that completely flopped? …

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Our Favorite Women in Horror! Part 2

Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden is a beautiful actress mainly known for her part in the movies Tucker and Dale Versus Evil and Sex Drive, of which I have only seen the prior. She also has co starred in series such as 30 Rock and Ugly Betty, as well as music videos by Fall Out Boy and Panic! At …

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Our Favorite Women in Horror!

It's  women in horror month, and though  we may be a bit late to the game, we still want to talk about all of our favorite females in horror film history. Every single one of these amazing women hold a special place in our heart, and since we love them all so much we will …

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A Love Letter to Blumhouse Productions

When I was 14 years old my buddies and I were browsing through Netflix and trying to find a movie to watch. While scrolling through the inexhaustible list of films my buddy found that Insidious was streaming, I was extremely excited because I never watched a full length horror movie before. My parents were really strict …

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How to Remake Popcorn

  If you came here for a recipe on how to make the perfect movie theater popcorn I'm sorry but this isn't the post for you. Today we are not talking about the popcorn you eat but the 1991 slasher movie Popcorn. Popcorn was originally a box office bomb  and a critical failure, however, as the movie was …

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Stupid Survivors: The Mist

- Spoilers Ahead- So, before the conception of this site, we were watching the 2007 movie "The Mist", based off of Stephen King's novella. While we both enjoyed the movie and it's originality, the survivors were by far the dumbest group of survivors in any horror movie that we have seen. Starting with the first …

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