Our Favorite Women in Horror! Part 2

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Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden is a beautiful actress mainly known for her part in the movies Tucker and Dale Versus Evil and Sex Drive, of which I have only seen the prior. She also has co starred in series such as 30 Rock and Ugly Betty, as well as music videos by Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco, both bands I am a fan of. She is very accomplished in the less-heard-of movies, but I can say that her part in Tucker and Dale Versus Evil was great, she really created a character that is easy to like as she changes from the popular and snobby type to a down to earth and compassionate woman by the end of the Movie. She is by far one of my favorite actresses of all time.

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Cassidy Gifford

Although Cassidy has only been in one horror movie, The Gallows, she still makes it to this list since she did such a great job in the movie and is a beautiful young woman. She is also known for her parts in religious movies such as the God’s Not Dead movies.

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Bianca Bradey

Bianca is definitely one of the more obscure foreign actresses as she is only know for her parts in movies such as Wyrmwood, a Night of Horror Volume 1, Starting From Number 1, Rendel, and The Osiris child. She performs well in these and is very active within the growing horror industry, and for supporting such a great one as that of horror, she of course has to make the list.

Image result for elisha cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha is the lead actress in House of Wax, which, despite being a somewhat predictable movie, was an excellent thriller that created much anxiety while I watched it. She performed excellently as the main character who has to escape a ghost town that has been taken over by crazy brothers who have kidnapped people to turn them to wax in order to decorate their town with their bodies. She has also starred in movies such as Captivity, The Quiet, and The Girl Next Door. 

Image result for heather langenkamp young

Heather Langenkamp:

No horror list praising the industry would be complete without mentioning the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. She played the lead role in this movie about the demon killer who moves in teenagers’ dreams. Her part in this movie was done in such a real way that I had some nightmares after seeing it and the fear she portrayed in the movie. She has also played in movies such as Hell Raiser: Judgement, The Butterfly Room, and Shocker. Although I have not seen these, I am sure she does just as well in them since she became one of the faces of such an iconic movie as Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Image result for Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden

You probably know Laurie from The Walking Dead as she played the part of Andrea from season one, but she has also played in many horror movies in the past few decades. She had a role in one of the first horror movies I had ever seen, Silent Hill, where she played the police officer that helped to save the daughter in search of her father who was taken into Silent Hill. I have a bias for her since she played in this movie and it was one that introduced me to the horror genre. Although I did not like her characrter in The Walking Dead, she played much more likable characters in The Mist and Silent Hill. 



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