An 80’s Classic: Night of the Demons

Night of the Demons embodies everything I love about 80’s horror movies. It’s cheesy, funny, and just plain insane. There  are just so many aspects  that make it stand out from other low budget horror films that it’s hard not to love its campy charm.

The story begins when the local weirdo Angela (played by the lovely Amelia “Mimi” Kinkade) and her friend Suzanne (played by the equally lovely Linnea Quigley) decide to throw a party at the haunted Hall House in order to “scare the sh*t” out of their classmates. When everybody finally arrives at Hall House they decide to have a séance and accidentally release the demons trapped within the cursed home. Slowly the party guests begin to start acting strangely and it’s not long after  that people start dying. I won’t spoil anymore cause this movie is a much watch for 80’s horror fans.

What makes this movie work so well is its simplicity, there is no convoluted back story or complicated explanations its just a simple teenage massacre. Most of the characters in the film are complete jerks yet they are somehow likable and memorable  in their own way. Stooge for instance is easily one of the funniest characters I have ever seen in a horror movie. Every line he delivers is priceless and the interactions he has with the other party guests is hilarious and unforgettable. My favorite characters though are Suzanne and Angela, their character dynamic is very memorable and their transformations are terrifying.

If you have not seen Night of th Demons I would really reccomend it. Its low budget campiness is quite charming and there are just so many amazing scenes that you have to see it at least once. The horror and comedy blend so well in this film and I would easiily recommend this to anyone who likes cheesy 80’s cinema.




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