A Love Letter to Blumhouse Productions

blumhouse-productions-logoWhen I was 14 years old my buddies and I were browsing through Netflix and trying to find a movie to watch. While scrolling through the inexhaustible list of films my buddy found that Insidious was streaming, I was extremely excited because I never watched a full length horror movie before. My parents were really strict at the time and due to the  offensive content that is found in most horror movies I was not allowed to watch them. Luckily, Insidious was PG-13 and my parents were fine letting me watch it, so my friends and I popped some popcorn and loaded up Insidious. We loved every second of Insidious and could not wait to see what Blumhouse would produce next.

A few years passed and in 2013  I heard they were making another Insidious movie. Since I loved the first Insidious so much I asked my girlfriend and some of my buddies if they wanted to go see part two in theaters. My sister, not wanting to be left out, asked if she could come too and invite some of her friends. I said sure and by the end of the day half of my small school was invited. That Friday we all carpooled and went to our local theater to watch Insidious Part 2. We filled the entire theater and had the times of our lives. When the credits rolled we decided to all go back to my house and have a horror movie marathon. We ended up staying up until 6 am  watching horror movies and having a great time. That night kicked off my love for horror and if it was not for Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions  I would not be writing this blog.

I want to thank all the people at Blumhouse for producing some of my favorite modern horror films including Sinister, Oculus, Hush, Split, and the Insidious trilogy. I also want to thank  Jason Blum for all the memories you have given me. If it was not for you I would not be as passionate about horror as I am today. I wish you all the best of luck and I cannot  wait to see what you have next in store.







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