The Innkeepers: A Fantastic Modern Ghost Story

We all grow up in fear of the dark, but there are few movies that capture the same fear and wonderment; The Innkeepers  does exactly that. Ti West pulls off each aspect of the modern ghost story masterfully and while at times it does feel a bit cliched it does not hamper my overall enjoyment of the film. This movie had me on the  edge of my seat from beginning to end and while it is not as fast-paced as other modern haunting films the tension is handled so well that its hard not be nervous  anticipating what is going to happen next. The lighting and the mood of the movie were continuously dark and suspenseful, creating an atmosphere of something evil lurking in the background. If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be”tense”,  each scene is deliberately slow-burning  which adds to the already creepy and unsettling atmosphere of the film.  The two main characters, Claire and Luke, are very likable and their chemistry is very well done, although, some of the choices they make are a somewhat illogical and cliched. The situations they get in to  were packed full of anxiety and well done scares, which constantly kept me hooked and covering my eyes in horror.Ti West is one of my favorite modern horror directors and The Innkeepers is another great film in his astounding resume.

Riley and Skylar



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