Little Blood, Plenty of Terror: Chapters of Horror

As we often wander the internet looking for something to satisfy our theatrical appetite, we do not come across exactly what we were looking for. Sometimes, finding something slightly different than what was originally desired is much better than you anticipated; this was the case with a horror anthology I found late one night.

The tale is called “Chapters of Horror”. Although I did not know what to expect, this anthology thoroughly disturbed me by the end of watching it. The first story in this five part anthology was titled The Experiment, this first anthology was not very graphic, but it completely captured my attention and kept me watching till the end. The ending however, had me close to turning off the movie and finding another horror flick that would scare me as I desired, but I kept watching. The following stories did exactly that.


The following stories were full of disturbing, unsettling, and mysterious material. In all of the remaining chapters of this movie, there were constantly unexplained and supernatural events that left me with my eyes wide and nervous to set my feet on the ground for fear of one of the creatures grabbing my leg from under the couch. The craziest part is that there was so little graphic content. In each story, the viewer was kept in total suspense all the way through, and with little special effects. Don’t think that this was some soft horror movie thought, as it had a dark mood throughout, going from mysterious military experiments to an unwelcomed guest hiding in cabinets, and to mystic beings requiring a ritualistic sacrifice of body parts. What really freaked me out the most in this anthology was the fact that my own mind was allowed to fill in the blanks of each creature or villain, since each chapter left you with so many questions about what was going on. This movie did not explain much (kind of like this post, since I don’t want to spoil anything), but they did show just enough for you to realize that there are much worse things to worry about than a boogeyman man in your closet.



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