Stupid Survivors: The Mist

– Spoilers Ahead-

So, before the conception of this site, we were watching the 2007 movie “The Mist”, based off of Stephen King’s novella. While we both enjoyed the movie and it’s originality, the survivors were by far the dumbest group of survivors in any horror movie that we have seen. Starting with the first death, we soon realized that the rag-tag group of heroes were extremely lacking in brain cells.

The story begins with the protagonist, David, witnessing a bloody and frantic man dash in and warn all of the people in the store that there was something ominous and dangerous in the mist. Two seconds later, the bag boy, Norm, volunteered to go outside and gets mutilated by a tentacled creature lurking outside. His death was witnessed by at least four other people, but no one else in the group believed them. David’s neighbor then ventures outside, with others, and proceeds to get completely annihilated by the many dangers that lurk in the mist. This only begins to add to the unnecessary death toll that will rise far above what we anticipated. Many other terrible choices were made by the survivors throughout the movie, but the ending scene was by far the worst of them all.

After fending off a religious nut and her cult, fighting various creatures from the mist, and finally making a way out of their predicament, the car that David used to escape runs out of gas. Instead of waiting in the car or pursuing onward to seek help on foot, those in the car come to the conclusion that suicide is the only option. Sadly, there are only four bullets left in the gun, but five survivors remained. David decides to sacrifice himself and proceeds to 360 no-scope the remainder of the survivors, including his own son. Minutes after this horrendous and heart-wrenching moment, David steps outside the car to meet whatever perils await him in the mist. Instead of spider-demons or carnivorous pterodactyls, he is greeted by the military, escorting survivors and reclaiming the land which the mist had taken. He regrets everything.

So kids, the moral of the story is to always press on and fight to the very last breath, because who knows, salvation could be literally right around the corner. Please, don’t be eager to commit suicide, or kill your friends and family. Don’t be a David.

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